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“f-sharp”: THE SAX-A-FOMO collection It will have a few elements 1. Free DROP: glb (‘f’ holders can claim by filling out form to confirm ownership) 2. Three, 1 of 1 SAX auctions (3.33 $ash reserve; glitch, neon punk, classic) 3. Three, 1 of 1: ‘Diamond ‘f’ hand auction (3.33 $ash reserve; glitch, neon punk, classic) 4. cross chain editions (tezos & solana) collect a “FOM-ADORb” and burn for prize: diamond hand STILL Initial utility: 1. Access to private chat in ADOR Discord 2. Access to private events at “Lost Warhol NFT GALLERY” in Beverly hills 3. Real life “ASH & POET DROP Meetup EVENTS!” 4. Vote for future drops and events 5. One secret airdrop utility (jacket+) The auctions & open editions will fund events, education classes for newbies and expanding the FOMOVERSE! The immediate Goal is to gain more collectors and expand the brand awarness & community for FOMO, ASH & POETS. Take action, have fun, build the future now… Don’t miss out! Too late, you already did.

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ADOR nft logo art

ADOR nft logo art

Reach out to us anytime and lets create a better future for all technology users together, forever. We are open to all types of collab offers and tons more.