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Dr. Chill is a timeless spaceless aboriginal turtle Island native from the Midwest and state of Ohio the land of beauty he is also a holistic physician, a natural born healer, a souletic poet, philosopher,spiritualist,aromatherapist,crystal lover and collector, musician and singer. He is also the co- creator and founder of Chilombo Love of 8 beautiful,talented and wonderful DNA star seeds blessing the cosmos with the awesome talents. He writes to write things, he writes to illuminate, He writes to make you think and challenge yourself and be the best you can be and to acknowledge the quantum level of reality, the Be of to Be…




The Children of the Cosmos Oracle was birthed from the energy of two very special Lemurian portals, Mount Shasta and Kauai. This card features DR CHILL and holds the frequency of Chilombo L.O.V.E.; the images in this Deck are encoded to activate you and awaken you to the memories and energy of Lemuria within you. The Earth is returning to the Fifth-dimensional frequency that existed during the Golden ages of Lemuria and Atlantis. We are now returning full circle, bringing Heaven back on Earth. May this deck help guide you on your journey back home to Love and to Source and may it activate you, empower you and awaken you to your own Divinity. And so it is! 𓆃

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